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Mold Sampling Service

Don’t Let Mold Affect Your Health

We Can Assist You With Mold Testing in Conway, SC

The presence of mold can affect a residence considerably. Even more importantly, the presence of mold in a home can negatively affect your health. If you need mold testing in Conway, SC, we’re the team for the job. At Sloan Home Inspections, LLC, we specialize in mold testing. Partnering with our specialists to test for mold can help you identify mold issues before it is hard to control. We want to equip you with helpful information to make informed and responsible decisions.

Mold Inspection and Testing by Professionals

The idea of mold in a home can be a scary thought- and with good reason! Mold exposure can be harmful to you and your loved ones. The best way to create a treatment plan is through a professional assessment. At Sloan Home Inspections, LLC, we can help you get started with mold testing. 

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Work With Our Skilled Mold Inspector

Keep Your Investment Safe

To keep yourself and your residence safe from mold exposure, you need us to conduct your mold testing in Conway, SC. All our professionals test the air in your home with top-the-line mold equipment. If mold becomes present, you’ll know immediately. Get in touch with our team and schedule an appointment.

Our Full Range of Services

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Buyer's Inspection

Feel confident in purchasing your first home with our help.

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Pre Listing Inspection

Get more for your listing with a pre-listing inspection.

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Radon Testing Service

You don’t want to be exposed to the dangers of radon. Get testing.

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Mold Sampling Service

Eliminate the possibilities of mold in your property. Test for mold, now.

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Commercial Services

At Sloan, we’re also known for our commercial inspections.